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Hi Joyce,

Sorry I haven't sent you any pictures of Trudy. She as always is the most perfect beautiful dog anyone can have! She is great. I have attached a picture of her sunbathing in our back yard.

Hope you're all staying cool!


If you have adopted your furry baby from OLBH, please e-mail and let us know how they and you are doing!

Please send a picture along and we will post it here!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Scroll down to see some of the furry kids and their new families!!

Hi Joyce,
Thought you might appreciate a couple of updated pics of Sati (Foxey).
What a sweetheart.
Do you still have any of her siblings?
Hope everything is great for you up in Indiana.
                                                                          (Update on Sati/Foxey Aug 2010)


River is doing well. He is healthy and starting to come out of his shell. He is still somewhat skittish, but is becoming less so as he continues to be exposed to the world around him and he sees that those noises, movements, and people will not hurt him. He is a very gentle boy and has totally bonded to me. We took him camping with us this summer to Michigan's Upper Peninsula. We set up our camper at a friends house. At times he was in the house with Christina, Emerson and our friends, while I was loading our vehicle or setting up things in the pole barn. I had to walk around the house and River ran from each window to keep an eye on me. It was touching. The downside is he is still fearful around men, and strangers, and has not yet fully relax and start acting like a dog. But we do see some signs that he is starting.



Hey Joyce! Hope you are doing well! I'm sending 2 pics of Chloe to you. They aren't the highest quality, but what they are, is the first pictures my mother has ever sent from her cell phone! EVER!that says something right there. Blah blah Chloe goes to the bank blah blah chloe and me went to dollar store blah blah chloe is an angel blah blah!!! I hear it daily. And I love it. Thank you so much Joyce! You are an angel and we love you for it! Mike

Hi Joyce! Hope you are feeling better! We have both been to the doctor for being sick. It sucks! Everybody here is doing well now. You remember Joey right? He's that goof you left here last Sept! He is so loving to those in his 'family'! Strangers notsamuch! So funny though when he stands up, starts pointing, and yelling "STRANGER DANGER!" Over and over! No biggie, we love him even more for it. Take care and talk to you soon!

Mike and Family


Billy is doing very well and is showing more spunk every day. He and Sarah run and play like puppies. I think he enjoys the cooler weather! He now weighs 68 pounds and my vet wants to keep him there. That is quite a chore since he is such a chow hound. He looks great, slick and shiny. Thank you for letting us keep him


Hello Joyce,
Just thought I would send more pics of our boy. He is really coming along. He is doing great on his walks. He is still shy with Bob and male guests but he doesn't hide from them. He just sits near me and he is okay. He has had no accidents since he has been with us. He and
Sam are getting a little more playful but for the most part he rules the sofa when we are gone at work. He and Sam are definitely cuddle
bugs with me.


Just wanted to send you a picture of Maya and Penske at "obedience graduation". Penske was being stubborn and didn't want his cap on. But I was holding it in place.

Again I printed out your email and will talk to Rick about what we can do to help you get food for the kids.

Take Care


Hi Joyce,

I don't think I know how to chat on yahoo. Sorry. Koocher (as we spell it) is great. He's been a wonderful dog. The boys love him. He definitely is loved. I attached pictures we took for our Christmas card this year. Koocher just sat down by the boys and posed- he think he's a person too! :) Hope all is well with you. Thanks for checking. Merry Christmas!


Kodi's graduation from obedience class. Kristi

Connor did well on the car ride home. He was super excited to get to the house. He spent the first couple of hours sniffing the place out, got a bath, and is settling in nicely. I've sent some pictures for you of his new house and back yard, as well as some pictures of him while he's adjusting.
Thank you so much!

Hey Joyce,

Mikey, or Moose as he has now been so affectionately named is doing amazing. He has become one of the most lovable and wonderful dogs I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He brightens my every moment and I could never thank you enough for allowing me to become part of his life. He loves to spend time with his sister Balie, he has a favorite spot on the couch, loves sleeping in the king size bed and he can never get enough of our weekly adventures hiking in the woods, walking on the canal downtown, going to Petco or just a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood. He is loved by all that come in to contact with him and intern has plenty of love to give back. He has been the picture of perfect health. I truly have been blessed. I've attached some pics from all of our great times. Hope all is well with all of your endeavors and thanks for all you do.


How I spent my day iced in yesterday!

Ryan and Francie

Joyce,Joyce,and re-Joyce. I owe you a HUGE thank you. My mother is as happy as I've ever seen her. Chloe and her have made quick friends! Cats? No problem. Housetrained? No problem. I think its gna b a good match. I will send updates often. Thanks again

Joyce and Kim ,
Just wanted to send you a pic of Sophia i took yesterday. She is doing great! Her favorite place to snuggle is on my bed ! She is eating well and loves cottage cheese and green beans in her food! She loves to go outside in the sun and take walks and play. She is sleeping well and loves to run through the house just for fun! Just thought you might like an update on her after a month.
Take care.

Here are three pics of Lexy. We adopted her in July of 2007 from the Martinsville site. She’s a sweet girl and has made some good friends...

We vote every day on the animal rescue site to support Joyce’s work.



Hi, Joyce,

Just checking in with a progress report on Jefferson. So far, so good! He's really doing great. Each day he seems more comfortable in his new home. No more incidents with the cat and we're being watchful to prevent any further cases of mistaken identity or over enthusiasm.

I bribed him with tiny pieces of wiener to get him down the steps or over the tile. He trots around now like there was never a problem.

I found the right collar at Petco and got a wilderness leash and we're working out the rules of walking together. He's strong and I've had to learn how to hold the leash and keep him in check. He's remarkably responsive to direction, however and wants to please. He sits on command ...most of the time.

The fence person is coming Friday and I'm looking forward to the day when Jefferson is trained and can run as he pleases. Discharging some of his energy will make him easier to walk.

I picked up the food you recommended plus a couple if toys at the farm store in Elletsville. The toys are a big success particularly the one with a crackly stuff inside. He likes to play tug and will chase tennis balls. The food, however,even though it is what he is used to, he turns up his nose at. We let it stay out Sunday but put it away after 20 minutes since then. He actually ate a few bites tonight. And, so far no accidents, at least that we have detected. I'm sending a pic of him with the toy he likes.

All best,



Here is Barney... Basset Hound from OLBH. He is wonderful. Over a year ago, Barney suffered from IVD but thanks to the Vetenary Specialty Center North of Indianapolis, they saved Barney and he has been able to walk, run and regain all his mobility again. He is a part of our family and we love him like a child. Thanks for a wonderful companion.

Michael and Jennifer

Connor is doing great! He still has a couple of habits we're trying to break (like eating pens and pencils and various stuff in the backyard), but for the most part he's been a joy!

He's very protective of the family and takes awhile to warm up to strangers. He just started to come around and be playful with my parents. Now he's super excited whenever we pull up in their driveway because he knows grandpa will spoil him with many treats.

Last week Chris was sick and Connor laid in bed with him all day making sure he was okay. It was really cute.


Willow and her little brother!

Hi Joyce! Just wanted to send you a couple of pictures. I can’t tell you how much we have all fallen in love with Molly over the past two weeks. She is the perfect dog for our family. She is happier and more comfortable everyday. I finally got her to get into the van and now she is riding with me everywhere! She loves the kids so much and is so sweet with everyone she meets. As you can see below, she made a visit to preschool on Friday as Ally’s show and tell for the day. Needless to day she was a big hit with the kids. Thank you so much for all that you do for all of your dogs, we are so grateful to you for saving Molly’s life so she can to be with us now. We will keep the pictures coming!
The McKeever Family

Sorry bout that attachment I sent you. I tested it with our email and it worked but that taxed my technology skills to the max! It was a video clip of these silly dogs licking each other after a bath. I can't ever imagine not having them both. We have spent a lot of time as a family hangin out together laughing and watching the two furry clowns we have! I will perfect my video messaging skills and you will be the first to know! Chloe has changed my moms life. Many people have noticed. That pup gets treated like a queen and its hard to tell which of them enjoys it most. She had a vet visit for a checkup and everything looked great. Keep your chin up, you're the best! Giles clan

Thank you Joyce for all of your hard work as well!! Honey sends her wet kisses and wags! She is spoiled rotten these days. We will come and visit some weekend this spring and see if you need any help. :)

Just wanted to let you know that Raleigh is still doing just great! We fall more and more in love with the big fella everyday & still affectionately call him big lug every now & then & think of you! ;-) I also continue to take tons of pics & have been told I'm as bad as a new mom! Just thought I'd share a couple of my recent favorites! He has also lost a bit of weight ... haven't weighed him, but you can see it in his face & hips. No diet, just lots of exercise! ;-)

Hope you all are doing well too!
Heather & Steve



Hi Joyce. Sorry it has taken me so long to get pictures of my little guy sent to you. He is doing absolutely wonderful. I love him with all of my heart. He has fit in with us so well. We have actually moved and live in house now in Terre Haute and he loves having the bigger house to play in. He is quite the loyal boy. He loves everybody in the house but is beginning to be protective of us which is great. I love this little one and I thank you so much for allowing him to be a part of our family. We may even bring him for a visit sometime.
Thanks again,


Hi Joyce! Bartholomew County is full of your happy furry kids! Sadie doin great, the cat finally buddied up, Linn always talkin about their walks! Queen Cloe and my mom act like roomates that are so in tune, its un- believable. Joey and Flossy lay in the AC and 'face wrestle' on real hot days. Then joey gets tired and disappears into his bedroom for a nap. They are like a old couple I swear. Hey, make sure you remind your daughter to be careful and safe. Situations like the one in Bloomington really happen and I couldn't imagine if that was one of my girls.hope you guys are happy and healthy!

Love, all your friends over here


Jackson is adjusting very well. It took him 3 days before he ate, we did have to add some can dog food to get him started. He is the sweetest, gentlest little guy ever. He is so well behaved. He loves everyone he meets and everyone loves him. He has only had one little accident in the house but I caught him in the act and he has done good since. We play outside everyday with his ball. He loves to fetch it, doesn't care for a frisbee though. He stays right by my side all day. His little tail is always wagging when he sees me or Charlie. He doesn't even bother to get on the furniture, he learned quick.

My Grandchildren have been over twice and he did well with them. My Grandson loves him, says he is well trained. We have been in the pool and he just sits by the side and watches us. He just doesn't bother anything. He loves his toys!!! I gave him a bath the other day and he just stood there and didn't fight me at all.

I just love this dog. He loves all the attention he is getting. He justs wants to please us and be loved. He is happy all the time. I am so glad we were able to adopt him. Thank you for rescuing him and keeping him alive and well. He is a blessing to our family. Will keep you up to date on him and send more pictures.


To see a wonderful slide show of Jackson enjoying his new home click on the link to the right!


Jacks on





Hi Joyce!

I just wanted to forward you some pictures of the boys from a trip that we took to Cape Hatteras, Virginia Beach, and Williamsburg. We rented an rv and the boys loved it.
Robin  & Mike

Sutton and Cosmo are doing awesome! Even the kitties were giving them some love last night. Had our first training with the fence yesterday...I think they'll catch on quick.
Here's a pic of them passed out after playing...


Sugar has made herself right at home! She snuggles up and sleeps with
Brooke every night. She has found a happy place next to Grandma when she
wants some quiet time. She doesn't seem to like to step on the grass! She
is VERY sweet! Thank you for taking such good care of her and bringing her to us.