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Joyce - Sorry for the delay; my kitchen is being renovated, and chaos reigns!! I do honestly believe that Ms. Zippy is the reincarnation of a former beloved dog - she has fit in so perfectly!! She's an absolute charm - no problems whatsoever with the other dogs; a cat gave her a good smack, and she gives them a wide berth now! She occasionally runs after the chickens, but she responds so readily to a voice command to cease and desist! She loveable, cuddly and sweet - great energy, but she gets plenty of exercise on our walks, and she seems perfectly comfortable in the kennel when I'm gone. In short, it's an ideal fit!! I'm blessed to have her,and I thank you!! Fondly,Bill

Hi Joyce,
It is hard to believe that Cinnamon has been with us for 3 years! We can’t imagine our home without him. The vet tells him he is a “senior” dog, but Cinnamon will have none of that. He has very little trouble keeping up with our 4 year old beagle (They are best buddies). When Cinnamon does decide to take a nap, it is on his favorite loveseat, which he claimed the minute he walked in our house. He is the best little guy! Thanks so much for allowing him to come to our home!


We spent the last week in North & South Carolina. Raleigh made the drive with us & did great! He even stayed a few days with friends of our when we went to the beach. They had 2 dogs (an old schnauser & a mix). He played non-stop with the 2 yr old dog & didn't bother the old dog a bit! He continues to do well & learn more & become more dear to us! We attached a couple of pics for you! They are all on vacation except one other of him on his back on our bed (one of his favorite places)and him in cooling down in the kid's bathtub after an evening walk! ;-) Hope you enjoy them!



Raleigh enjoying a vacation with his family!!


THANK YOU AGAIN! Talon is truly a wonderful dog. We got the web/chain training collar you recommended and he is adjusting reasonably quickly to a very light signal with verbal request. He has yet to start on his food ,but is beginning to explore his new home more freely. He still likes someone to go up and especially down the stairs with him(new maneuver). He is fine with the Cat, no active chase reaction. The cat still DOESN'T LIKE DOGS, but doesn't go into panic flight to hide when he enters room,so they will by all signs develop a workable truce.
He is great with other dogs. Although he was not feeling his best after you left him with us, our daughter who lives nearby stopped by to meet him with her 2 recent adoptee's(photos attached). The front yard meet was all sniffs and wags. Inside was friendly though he clearly possessed HIS bed.. We kept leashes on all but they were not necessary. He seems to enjoy their company. We have gone to my Daughter's for dinner the last 2 evenings taking him with us. He is not apparently accustomed to car rides and his trip here by way of the vet. was not all a happy one, so he was reluctant to load and had to be lifted the first evening. He's beginning to know that a car ride can take you to see doggy buddies, and then bring him back to HIS home. He loaded willingly the second evening.
The first night he began to drink, but even though taken out repeatedly did not go potty in any way except for a little leak on the back step yesterday morning as we took him out for an introduction to every tree and fence post available,(nothing). He hasn't developed the Marking instinct yet or is in an insecure phase(still a squatter). Last night taking him out, he literally waded into the large shrub by our drive way and bingo, all systems GO. This seems to be His Spot since. ( We may need to plant several shrubs in the back.)
We must have some animal passing through our back yard at 6:30 AM since he has barked in that direction at that time for the past two mornings, good security instinct. He is certainly a loving buddy. Although he would be welcome to share the couch or bed, he yet seems hesitant and chooses to move close along side to share affection. He is certainly a treasured member of our family.
With Immeasurable Thanks
Jim and Margaret

Just a note to say hi and send a picture of Sandi and Einy. This should be a Christmas card.

Have a good night


Hi Joyce -- things are going great with Saber. He's such a good boy. He thinks he's a big lap dag...I just let him think that...I don't want to ruin the image he has of himself. ;0))...hopefully you can view the picture I attached. We took him out to our property on Sunday, he did wonderfully in the truck, he just sat in the back seat and watched the traffic. We're celebrating my son's birthday this weekend and Saber is going with us...My son and his wife have a dog--Harvey is just as friendly as Saber so we think they'll have a great time together. He's met most of our friends now and they all love him. He's definitely a keeper ;0))
Thank you,

Bec and Raz enjoying a late morning nap together. Even tho they have 2 beds they frequently like to share one.


Hi Joyce,

She's doing very well actually! Definitely still has moments where she looks a little unsure but doing fine. I had her playing with a dog toy earlier and she was wagging her tail and tossing it around. (its one of the no-stuffing toys with a squeaker).
As you know, I had Binford in the kitchen to be safe and they kept wagging their tails at each other and peeking through the gate so I let him out to see how she would do and they've been perfectly fine. They're both sleeping at the moment :)
I took her outside to go potty and she was happy as a clam and went pretty much right away. She tends to watch me and Matt a lot whenever we move around the house and she seems very curious about us, it's too cute. She trades off between getting petted by me and Matt. She walks right up to us, sits down and let's us pet her. When we stop she of moves closer like "why'd you stop?" She put her paw on the couch and looked at me like "hey you, what cha doin?"
I'm looking at harnesses too because Matt really wants to take her for a long walk soon. I'll find one tomorrow. She likes to look out the window a lot.
She did pace around for a while after you left, but she seems more relaxed now. I think she doesn't like the rat, every time it moves she jumps back like she doesn't trust it.
Before I head to bed I will put Binford in his kennel, I plan to keep an eye on them for a while until I'm sure she's all settled in. Overall though I think her Day 1 progress is good. I showed her where the water is but she doesn't like to go into the kitchen too much, but she knows that if I take her to the back door she is going to get to go outside.
I'll keep you posted! Marilyne


Hi Joyce and Kristi,
Just wanted to send a few pictures and a quick update. Molly has been an amazing edition to my life; she really is the dog I was looking for. We just finished basic dog school and she was amazing.
After her first few days with me, she became very nervous around new people until she had met them a few times. She would hide behind me if people approached her, particularly tall men. She's now coming out of her shell and while not always wanting to be pet by new people, at least shows interest and sniffs them. When around people she has met several times, however, she tries to climb in their lap. :) She is amazing with other dogs; she never barks on walks even though dogs bark at us, and is always hit at the dog park. Hasn't yet met a dog she can't get along with.
She is so sweet, so smart, and just a big, goofy, silly clown. Makes me laugh every day and I'm so lucky to have her.
Thanks so much for all you do!
Jennifer and Molly

If you have adopted your furry baby from OLBH, please e-mail and let us know how they and you are doing!

Please send a picture along and we will post it here!

Hope to hear from you soon!

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Hi Joyce,

I've attached pictures of Max that my daughter took last week. His coat is really getting better, but he still has bad breath. Can't figure that out since his teeth have been cleaned and he doesn't have any gum problems. I think I need to consult with the vet. I've been preparing his food using Dr. Becker's and Dr. Pitcairn's books as guides. The only problem is that I am having trouble adjusting the amount of food for such a small dog and he now weighs 6 lbs so I am trying to back him down to 5 and 1/2 lbs even though he is not fat looking, but the vet feels that he is healthier at the lower weight.

He now tolerates Mr. Baggs ( my cat) lying next to him, sniffing him all over and even giving him little pats (Mr. B. pats me too sometimes). He also plays with Mr. B.'s toys sometimes.

I had weekend guests (old friends and their college age son) and Max spent most of his time on their laps, which they thoroughly enjoyed. They could not believe how friendly he was. When they left this morning, he tried to go with them. So much for loyalty.

Max knows all about dog clothes. The other day, it was still really cold when it was time for our walk, so I got out the box of dog clothes I had for Chewie and started holding up sweaters and coats to look at the sizes and Max got all excited and started yipping. He knew exactly how to hold his paws out to get into the outfits, so some previous owner used to dress him up.

I page and urged everyone to vote. Hope you can pull this off.

More later,



I wanted to send you an update on Biscuit (now renamed Piper). She has been such a blessing and added so much to our family. Her transition here was a piece of cake, almost like she has always been here. She fits right in.

At first she was apprehensive about going bye bye, but I think she was fearful she wouldn't come back. Now all we have to do is open the door and announce we are going bye bye and she happily jumps right in the car.

She loves to play fetch with her ball. Our oldest son, Brayden, even taught her how to fetch a baseball. It works out for both of them since she loves fetching and he loves hitting baseballs. Its a perfect match. All of the kids absolutely adore her. She is so loving and gentle with them and loves running and playing outside.

She loves running and has plenty of space in our yard. She usually has a morning run around the house a few times each morning. We have a neighbor who has a lab and he comes to visit her. She enjoys her playtime with her dog friend Max. They play so well together and both get excited to see each other.

Her absolute favorite thing is getting belly rubs (and with five people in the house, she gets lots of them). In the evenings, she loves to stretch out on the couch in between the kids and soak up all the belly rubbing she can get.

I can't thank you enough for allowing us to adopt her. I had been praying for months that we would find a dog that would be a good match for our family. I had no idea she would be two and a half hours away from us or living at a dog rescue, but I don't believe it was by accident that we found her. Piper is, indeed, the perfect dog for us. I am sending a picture of all of us we took yesterday when we went to cut down our Christmas tree. The kids are so excited that she gets to spend her first Christmas with us. They already have a stocking hanging above the fire place with Piper's name on it and can't wait to see what Santa brings her. Have a Merry Christmas! God bless you!

The DeWeese Family

Dear Joyce & OLBH Crew,
There are few words that can adequately explain the blessing that Talon has been to our immediate and extended family, both human and furry. From his initial shy demeanor he has now come nearly fully out of his shell. He now enjoys cuddling with us on the couch or the bed, playing fetch and tug, and playing actively with .not only smaller dogs but those of his size and larger. His diet has now broadened to enjoyment of rawhide chewable's , meaty bones, and milk bones.
After several days in October during my son's visit here with his malamute and this past week in a visit with my son and Korsa in Annapolis MD. he now has a BIG buddy that he enjoys romping with and going on long walks with on a leash. My son's mal. Korsa is somewhat selective on other animal compatibility and an experience with an aggressive animal allowed off leash in his apartment complex had intensified her incompatibility issues. On arrival in Annapolis , Talon was greeted quite amicably. By our return Korsa was noticeably more accepting of other dogs nearby, finding that
some other dogs can make good playmates . Talon has become a well behaved traveler.
He still enjoys visits to our daughter's to see her smaller dog . He does well around our great grandchildren, now 4 and under( all who are accustomed to animals in the home). His affectionate nature has been enjoyed by my mother and now bedridden father when we visit them in Green County.
My deepest thanks for rescuing my best buddy Talon and making it possible for him to become part of all of our lives .
May the Christmas Season Bless You, Yours, and All the Puppers,




Hi Joyce,

Attached is a picture of Max with Santa. OK, I did not take him to Petsmart on purpose to pose with Santa. But we were there anyway and why not? Half of the picture price went to help shelter dogs. But like most little kids, he looks a little uncertain about sitting on Santa's lap. He has on a new burgundy marled sweater, and I picked up a raincoat and a heavier coat for him. Eeek, I'm clothes shopping for my dog. I need to get a life. But he does get cold. He wears his sweaters in the house sometimes because I do not keep it that warm here. My neighbor, Ruth, came over the other day with a velour pullover and a fake lambswool vest for him. He has a bigger wardrobe than I have.

Hope things are going well at OLBH. I've been bugging my friends on Facebook to vote for OLBH in the challenge.


This is Joey, OLBH alumni, with his sister Flossy (lying down) and his human sister Danielle! What a lucky boy!!



I am sending you some new pictures of Jackson. First one is him on his new bed with a new toy. He loves his toys. Then there is one with Me, Charlie and Jackson in front of the fire place. The last one is Me and Jackson. These are pictures of our first Christmas with Jackson. He was the center of attention. We took lots of family photos with all the Children and Grandchildren. Jackson wanted to be in every photo. He loved all the commotion. We tried to put a Santa hat on him but he wouldn't sit still and pose. He is still doing well, he is pretty spoiled but that's what he is for. We just love him to death, he is a good boy. He's getting a little fat but no to bad. He's just so cute and cuddly. I hope you can open the photos, if not let me know and I will send you some.

Hope all is going well with you and your family.

Take care, Jeanne