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This is Jo - formerly Journey.

Someone was shivering so I gave her a towel from the dryer. :) she curled herself in it and now won't move. :)

Piper is in her lady bug costume for Halloween. She and we will be passing out candy. She is the cutest dog ever!!!

Hello Joyce,
Just wanted to send you another little update. Chappy is doing great. As you can see in the photo she and Duke love my bed even when I am not in it. They really have rough lives.
They went on a ride with me south of Terre Haute to visit both my grandmas and did great in the car. Because Chappy is so well behaved I was able to take her to the nursing home to see my one grandma. She did wonderful there. She just stood there while my grandma hugged on her and petted her. It meant a lot to my grandma. I love that Chappy is able to do that. I might try to take Chappy to a nursing home around here sometime.
She is over her adjustment to eating. I don't have to be by her anymore while she eats. She has even learned when she gets feed and sits by the bowl waiting until I fill it.
Just wanted to share a little update with you. Hope all is well your way. I hope you are getting the photos okay. If not just let me know and I will send them another way.

Dugan thinks he's a cat! He likes to lay on the back of the furniture and look out the window.

Hi Joyce,

The big guy is doing really good, about 80lbs and a total goof ball. Sal is so good we don't kennel him when we're at work anymore, he has free range in the house. We take him to doggie daycare on Tuesday's and Friday's and that seems to be a good balance for him. I sent you a picture of him riding in the car on the way home from doggie daycare and one where he broke his cone after running full tilt into his sister the great Dane. Sal had surgery on his foot for a papillomavirus that caused a bleeding wart type thing on his toes. That was extremely scary waiting for that report. I was terrified that he had mass cell cancer. But the big boy is totally healthy and is just a love muffin who is possessed with carrying our clothes around. We call him the laundry man because when he hears the alarm on the washer or dryer he runs back to the laundry room and snatches something out when you're trying to fold clothes.

Thank you for rescuing him and his mother. Could you send us a picture of his mother? We're just curious what she looked like.

Kathy Bailey

The boys are doing great. Still growing but at a slower pace now. They were both a little over 75 pounds when I weighed them last month. They love attention, wrestling each other over sticks and chasing each other in the yard. Captain loves playing fetch, Thor likes chasing things down but he really isn't into bringing them back. They are really great with our girls and our freinds' and families' kids too. Unfortunately, their adopted sister Harley isn't with us any longer. She recovered from her kidney issue but suffered a severe stroke in early June. We buried her in the fence row next to her old friend Buddha. Having the boys really helped us all get past the loss. I've attached a few pics, hope you like them. Thanks for helping us bring the boys into our family.

Hi Joyce,

The pups are doing great! They have been a lot of fun to have here with us. Our 4 year old son loves to play with them and they love to chase him around the house. They have adapted to their crates well for the times that we're not home. They play really well together, they follow each other every where and they are pretty much inseparable. I'm so glad that we picked both of them for that reason. They love to take walks but we're still working with them on not pulling on their leashes. They are sooo strong!

Pax (formerly Gizmo) is a little bigger and bulkier that his sister Miley (formerly Jazzy). He weighs 45 lbs and she weighs 40 lbs- actually they are probably a little bigger than that- it's been a couple months since I've weighed them.

Pax and Miley certainly have different personalities. Pax is much more friendly and outgoing than Miley. She stands back and sees what's going to happen first. She is way more possessive of her toys and lets you know it- Pax could take it or leave it, he's up for whatever. She's more of a cuddler than Pax is though.

I actually took a couple pictures of them a couple of weeks ago, intended to email you, but being lazy about it.

I hope all is well with you and all of your furbabies!



Ellie is doing great. She took to eating a couple of days after I talked you last. She has adjusted very well here. Ellie has a rabbit that hangs out in our backyard that she gets to flush out from under a Holly tree and then chases across the yard. She seems to be very happy here. She loves to go with me to pick the kids up from the babysitter. She occasionally sleeps with Kyrstin our daughter. Kyrstin just absolutely just adores Ellie. She is definitely protective of the kids. We could not have asked for a better dog. Thank you.

Steve, Marriah, Adam and Kyrstin

We renamed JJ - Tig. It is a shortened version of the Winnie the Pooh character "Tigger". We were having real difficulty coming up with a name that everyone could agree on or that seemed to fit his personality - which is continually happy and upbeat - especially when other people come to visit. He exudes happiness and spends 5 minutes "bouncing" around welcoming them - teaching him to welcome people in a more disciplined manner (ie. not jumping up on them) has been challenging - but he is learning to "manage his joy". My daughter actually came up with the idea of naming him Tigger but I couldn't bring myself to give him a "cat's" name - but we all felt that Tig was a good compromise and it does seem to fit well. He still thinks he a small puppy, if someone sits on the floor, he will back up to them and try to sit down right on their lap.

Hi Joyce,

I hope you and the furry kids are doing well. Bo loves going out to the farm and hang in' with the family, kid's toys and all. He's our good boy!

Diane and family

Hi Joyce,

I just wanted to send you a quick update on Molly. We recently celebrated her first adoption day anniversary and the past year with her has been nothing short of amazing. She is an amazing, sweet, smart, fun, and loving dog. We have spent the past year working on her shyness and fear of strangers and everyday is an improvement. She has come such a long way; she's less hesitant and quicker to warm up to new people. Other than her stranger shyness, she loves other dogs and cats and is the happiest when the whole pack is together. I've attached a few pictures of her with her buddies. While both cats adore her, the little gray one has claimed Molly as her own. I even moved her cat bed to be next to molly's bed and crate because she always wants to be next to her.

Thank you so much for my best friend. I can't imagine my life without her.

Thanks for all you and the shelter does,

Dugan and his new family!!