Adopting From This Rescue


All of our adoptable canines are up to date on age appropriate vaccinations, spayed/neutered (puppies at 5 months except for xlg breeds – they are altered at one year. We do have a “Foster to Adopt” program for our puppies so that they are able to be placed in approved adoptive homes earlier but, not officially adopted until they have been altered), micro-chipped at time of adoption (due to recent events, the micro-chip is registered and remains registered to this rescue) and receive flea/tic/heartworm preventative.
Requirements to adopt: you must be 21 years of age or older, have a securely fenced in yard attached off of your home, we do not approve underground fencing. There are rare times that we make exceptions for people who live in a condo/apartment depending upon the canine they are interested in. Adoptee must be a part of the family and live inside of the home and at no time be tethered outside or off leash in an unsecured area.
Process to adopt: Schedule an appointment to visit, we will at that time provide adoption counseling to ensure we understand your desires in a new family member, lifestyle etc., you’ll meet and hopefully choose which of our kids you are interested in adopting, fill out the adoption application on our website online , once reviewed and if approved a home visit is scheduled. The potential adoptee is brought to your home for this, if the home visit is approved he/she stays at that time, the adoption fee is paid and a legal binding adoption contract between the adopter and this rescue is signed and kept on file for future reference if needed.
After adoption: The majority of our adopters are happy to keep in touch with us and let us know how their new family member is doing. However, we do follow up on our kids to ensure everything is going well on a scheduled basis. As our adoption contract states: “ Let it also be understood that at anytime you find yourself in the position to no longer care for or retain the pet(s) adopted from us, they are to be returned to this rescue immediately “ We do enforce this and will bring legal suit against those that breach our contract and legally take possession of our canine regardless of placement to another done by the original adopter unlawfully. Our goal in placing our canines into homes is to ensure the environment they are in is suitable and safe according to our standards and requirements.