Medical Care Costs Campaign -please help!

We have been hit hard recently by many urgent medical issues and of course our first and foremost reaction is to help those unable to help themselves.  We are on a mission to save as many lives as we possibly can and without your financial help, we cannot support that mission.

Please consider contributing to our medical care campaign and know that every penny we receive goes directly to the medical care of the dogs in our care.

Click here to support the dogs:  Medical Care Campaign

Want to meet some of those you are helping??  Here are a handful who are currently under special care.

Bodiene came to us unaltered and heartworm positive.
Trudy Before
This is Trudy. A sweet and loving dog that came in with horrible skin issues that she is being treated for.
Trudy After
And Drumroll…this is Trudy after several medicated baths and being in a Foster home as she recovers. What a huge difference in very little time!
This sweetheart came in heartworm positive, very high WBC which is requiring rounds of antibiotics before we can treat her HW. She is also on meds for help with arthritis.
Rasta is currently in a loving home, but her care continues. She has hydrocephalus, had pyrometria, and overcame skin infections. Her care alone is over $6,200 and additional costs are coming in.