Medical Care Costs Campaign -please help!

We have been hit hard recently by many urgent medical issues and of course our first and foremost reaction is to help those unable to help themselves.  We are on a mission to save as many lives as we possibly can and without your financial help, we cannot support that mission. Please consider contributing to our medical care campaign and know that every penny we … Continue reading Medical Care Costs Campaign -please help!

SOS Keeping Dogs Safe in Disasters

SOS: Keeping Dogs Safe in Disasters As unpleasant as the prospect may seem, planning for emergencies may mean the difference between life and death for the canine member(s) of your human family. And while the ASPCA has designated September National Preparedness Month, all conscientious dog owners should ALWAYS be prepared. Simply put: if a situation is dire for you, it’s equally dire for your dog. … Continue reading SOS Keeping Dogs Safe in Disasters

OLBH in the News

Bloomington Herald Times – A little kindness goes a long way Please open your hearts to donate time, money, items –anything you can to help all the dogs at OLBH.  It does take a village to do this sort of work – join us if you can!   WTHI-TV interview with Alia Blackburn Wonderful story which aired on October 3, 2016 which helps one understand … Continue reading OLBH in the News