Dog of the Month

This is Matt, one of three dogs OLBH took in June of 2020.  We took in Matt along with Gordi and Roxanne after they were found left behind in an old trailer, crated, no food, no water. Just abandoned! Matt had been left outside on a tie out – no shelter and wrapped around a tree.

Matt is approximately 3 or 4 years old, very loving, full of energy and the boy can jump! Straight up in the air! Matt will do best as an only dog or with a female (and proper introduction). He was left out on a chain, by himself, no shelter, food nor water, for who knows how long. We’re guessing their is some pitty mixed with Catahoula maybe in there, what we know is he is a good guy and ready for his new home!

 Matt is going to want his own home or he may share it with a submissive female dog. Lots of energy, loving and smart!

Need to rehome your pet?

A great alternative to “Free to Good Home”.  
We guide the owner through the entire process: From how to screen applicants based on the knowledge and expertise shared by some of our 17,000+ shelter and rescue partners to conducting a no-pressure meet and greet at a safe, public location like a Petco store.

When a good match has been made, we help the owner and the adopter through the transfer which covers all of the important points, including what happens in the event an adoption doesn’t work out.