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UPDATE: The invoices have been added in the comments so that no one thinks we’ve pulled these numbers out of the air. These plus Rosemary’s CCL surgery ($2400) = $14,049.92! The two invoices are unpaid…. Rosemary’s surgery was paid out of the medical fund (which in turn reduced that balance critically).

We thank those of you who have donated, however, we NEED more help. Please share, please donate, PLEASE HELP. We do not just take in the dogs that need spayed/neutered and ready to be adopted nor, the ones that need no vetting, they come in ready for adoption. This rescue takes in the OLD dogs who have so many health issues, we take in those that have medical issues requiring high dollar diagnostics and some who need surgical intervention to be helped. Heartworm positive. Inflation is not only hitting the pumps, the groceries etc. It is impacting the cost of care for animals too. Over the last few weeks we have had some high dollar medical bills. We would so appreciate your help in getting these paid. 1. Rosemary our senior Beagle tore her CCL, requiring surgery ($2,400) she is now in her Forever Foster home recovering. 2. Thunder, a beautiful 1 year old German Shepherd was surrendered to us on Friday with a dislocated right hip. The breeder was unable to afford having it fixed. Our vet could not see him on Friday so, he went to the ER where x-rays, anesthesia and subluxation of the leg to put the hip back in socket ($2,020). 3. Ollie came on Sunday, owner surrender, with a spinal injury the week prior and dragging his rear legs. She could not afford the diagnostics to find out what was happening nor the treatment thereof. Ollie had an MRI yesterday and directly into surgery with Dr. Cross for spinal surgery, he will be inpatient for at least three days ($4,000) – and we are all praying for complete recovery for each of these wonderful fur kids. Please help us recoup $8,040 back into the medical fund, we have a lot of time left in this year 2022. Share with your peeps too!

Whatever your reason, we THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts (and paws!) for giving to our organization. Each donation helps the lives of so many unwanted/neglected/elderly dogs. We could NOT do it without your support.

Thank you!
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