Happy Tails!

Intakes, Adoption, Foster Placements and Crossings


  • October Intakes: none
  • October Adoptions: Crow, Kingston and Beefy
  • October Foster Placements: none
  • October Forever Fosters:  none
  • October Rainbow Bridge Crossings: Cherie

October Adoptions

October Rainbow Bridge


  • September  Intakes: Dozer, Cricket, Woody, Jill, Josie, Ralph, Rebel, Nepo, Lil Mac and Sophie
  • September Adoptions: Nepo (returned), Rebel (returned), and goats Grady, Peeker, Lily, Carmel, Butters, Licorice
  • September Foster Placements: Robin, previous adopter, is fostering Woody; Jen & Jeff Hill are fostering Max, DJ & Ralph
  • September Forever Fosters:  none
  • September Rainbow Bridge Crossings: Jordi (forever foster), Piglet, Angus

September Intakes

September Adoptions

September Fosters


  • July Intakes: Crow, Allie, Sadie, Baby, Annie
  • July Adoptions: Polly, Patty, Sissy
  • July Forever Foster Placements: none ;(
  • July Rainbow Bridge Crossings: Pammy

July Intakes

July Adoptions

July Rainbow Bridge


  • June Intakes:  Priya, Prem, Polly, Phoenix, Titan, Patty, Cookie, Barnaby
  • June Adoptions: Rebel, Priya, Gina, Lucy & Eunice
  • June Forever Foster Placements: Barnaby, Cookie
  • May Rainbow Bridge Crossings: Gizzy, June, Domino, Muggs, Hunter, Victor, Cee Cee. Lil Bear

June Intakes

June Adoptions

June Foster Placements

June: Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

May Intakes

  • May Intakes:  Beefy, Lucky, Jiggy and Alaska, Monty, Jorja, Max and DJ
  • May Adoptions: Ellie May, Dixie, Iris, Percy Jethro, Sweetie, Natasha, Nellie, and Huckleberry.
  • May Forever Foster Placements: None :{
  • May Rainbow Bridge Crossings: Wrigley (Boogie Girl), Brady, and 14 yr old Bolin. 

May Adoptions

May: Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

  • April Intakes:  Max, Bubba, Remy, Irie (cat) Jackson, 6 bloodhound puppies
  • April Adoptions: Earth, Annabelle, Mango (Mercury), Louie, Tripp, Crimson, Remy, Java
  • April Forever Foster Placements: None :{
  • April Rainbow Bridge Crossings: Sophia (alum), Curly Joe (alum), Pax (alum), Coda & Payton (alum), Dugan (forever foster), Pedro (forever foster), McKenzie (alum)

April Intakes

April Adoptions

April: Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

  • March Intakes:  Eunice, Lucy, Disney, Oscar
  • March Adoptions:  Celine, Chiron, River, Finn, Casper, Cupid, Oscar (same as Oscar Intake), Dudley
  • March Forever Foster Placements: None :{
  • March Rainbow Bridge Crossings: Dylan (Forever Foster), Frasier (OLBH alum), 
  • February Intakes
  • February Adoptions: Dudley, Napoleon, Gypsy, Bowie
  • February Forever Foster Placements: Sarah, Dove & Reece, Roxanne
  • February Rainbow Bridge Crossings:
  • Janurary Intakes:
  • January Adoptions: Owen, Olivia, Doc, Tyson, Grover, Eve
  • January Forever Foster Placements
  • January Rainbow Bridge Crossing:
  • December Intakes:  
  • December Adoptions: Boo, Rory, Curly Joe, Ginger, Daisy 
  • March Forever Foster Placements: Rusty, Tempie, Sugar
  • March Rainbow Bridge Crossings:

If you would like your Happy Tail posted here, please send a picture of your new family and the year you adopted/fostered to OLBHdogs@gmail.com.

Past Happy Tails



scotty at home
Dempsey and Lauren
rugby and family
Daisys home visit 3
Annika at home
Hershey hv
Buddie hv1
Bonnie and Adam
Miley at home 4
Pippa at home
Pepper at home
liam at home 3
Gentry and fam
Shadow at home
Mav going home 2
Nayla ud1
Boomerang and family
Red and family
Micah and family
Emily living the life
Tonka and fam 2
Gizmo at home 1
Rodney and family
Lil Girl and Curtis
Buddy adoption day
Striker adoption day
Oslo adoption day
Coco going home 2
Olive at home
Lizzy going home
Sweetie and Jill
Autumn bush


Pongo and Angie HV



Ian and Kylee (2)
Ian & Kylee were adopted by their foster parents 🙂