Happy Tails 2022

Foster Coordinator!

Emily Sparks

Emily’s family adopted from us when she was a young girl,
and her parents did so again just recently.  We are so excited to have her on board and look forward to working with her.

Intakes, Adoption, Foster Placements and Crossings


August Intakes: Thelma, Louise, Duke (returned), Luna, Mia, Major
August Adoptions: Diamond, Sampson, Barkley, Lyla, Edward, Morry, Kara, Major, Jerry, Phoebe, Rex and Ruby
August Fosters Placements: New mom, Sara Slinker, is fostering Mia
August Forever Fosters: Gail LaPan, who lost her boy this month, is now forever fostering Sage
August Rainbow Bridge Crossings: Bennett, Bo, Captain, Brianne, Leo


  • July Intakes: Duke, Chester, Izzy, Paxton, Desiree, Gigi, Snuggles, Lacey, Barkley, Jerry, Eustace, Pretty Girl and Brugna
  • July Adoptions: Duke, Vinny, Reagan, Kylie, Raven, Dolly, Rosemary, Tobin, Alaska, Isabelle, Reggie
  • July Fosters Placements: none
  • July Forever Fosters: Susan New – Lacey, Returning Forever Foster Kathy Cravens – Eustace
  • July Rainbow Bridge Crossings: Spike, Wednesday, Ian, Bella, Tootsie, Cookie, Doris, Harry.


  • June Intakes: Otis, Prada, Phoebe, Cheyenne, Capri, Liles, Maria, Possom
  • June Adoptions: Blossom, Prada, Luna & Loci
  • June Foster Placements:  none
  • June Forever Fosters: Boots  Thank you Maria and Mike!
  • June Rainbow Bridge Crossings: Bailey (OLBH alum), Tessa (OLBH alum)


  • April Intakes: Alice, Dutton, Frankie, General, Gracie, Jasper, Kylie, Loki and Luna, Nessie, Pippy, Trixie
  • April Adoptions: Annie, Yogi, and Dutton
  • April Foster Placements:  Gracie and Alice –  Thank you to the Moskalick Family from Quincy, IN and returning foster, Caren Geppert
  • April Forever Fosters: none
  • April Rainbow Bridge Crossings: Thunder


  • March Intakes: Odin, Ollie, Thunder, Chipi, Tobin, Charlie Brown, Pearl and Onyx
  • March Adoptions: BooBoo, Charlie Brown, Coffee, Odin
  • March Foster Placements:  none
  • March Forever Fosters: Ollie after successful back surgery
  • March Rainbow Bridge Crossings: Vince, Kandy (former Forever Foster)


  • February Intakes: Ruthie, Dominic, Kelly, Kelly’s pups, Isabel
  • February Adoptions: Sage, BooBoo, Gordi
  • February Foster Placements:  Dominic and Ruthie
  • February Forever Fosters: none
  • February Rainbow Bridge Crossings: Scotty and Letterman.

    Lee Balliett
    passed this month. He and his wife Eileen (deceased)  became dear friends of Joyce and Kim. They were both a wealth of knowledge, and they were huge supporters of the rescue. Although Hayden is surely mourning the loss of his daddy because they were inseparable, he has gone to live with his human brother in Texas. Rest in Heaven, dear Lee. You are missed, and we look forward to the time we meet again. 


  • January Intakes: Morry, Diamond, Ava & Harper, Walter, Lucy, Buddy, Dora, Dot, Reeves, Pandora
  • January Adoptions: Jill & Josie
  • January Forever Fosters: Spade 
  • January Rainbow Bridge Crossings: Scout and Emma. Terry  Odom passed.  He and his wife were Forever Fosters.  Our thoughts are with Connie and the family.

If you would like your Happy Tail posted here, please send a picture of your new family and the year you adopted/fostered to OLBHdogs@gmail.com.

Past Happy Tails



scotty at home
Dempsey and Lauren
rugby and family
Daisys home visit 3
Annika at home
Hershey hv
Buddie hv1
Bonnie and Adam
Miley at home 4
Pippa at home
Pepper at home
liam at home 3
Gentry and fam
Shadow at home
Mav going home 2
Nayla ud1
Boomerang and family
Red and family
Micah and family
Emily living the life
Tonka and fam 2
Gizmo at home 1
Rodney and family
Lil Girl and Curtis
Buddy adoption day
Striker adoption day
Oslo adoption day
Coco going home 2
Olive at home
Lizzy going home
Sweetie and Jill
Autumn bush


Pongo and Angie HV



Ian and Kylee (2)
Ian & Kylee were adopted by their foster parents 🙂