As a monthly sponsor, you want to ensure your money is being used for the good of the dogs.  We take great care in making sure that happens.  Many dogs are alive today because of people like you!

How are donations used?

$10 month  – Treats and Toys
$20 month – Heartworm Preventative for 1 dog for 1 month
$30 month – Food for 2 dogs for 1 month
$50 month – Wellness Exam & Grooming for newly Adopted/Fostered
$100 month – Veterinary care costs

Sadly, many of the dogs that come into our care arrive with medical issues that require X-rays, blood tests, medications, surgeries.

Sweetie – Blind, but full of life with her new family

Your tax-deductible gift can be the one that gives life to a poor soul that otherwise would not have the chance to receive the care and love they deserve.

$10 / Month Sponsorship

$20 / month Sponsorship

$30 / month Sponsorship

$50 / month Sponsorship

$100 / month Sponsorship